Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Greetings from my kitchen floor

I am sitting in the corner of my kitchen on the floor because that is the only place I can sit. All of our belongings are either outside in the Mobile Attic, or stacked up in the breakfast nook because the entire rest of the house is carpeted and the carpets are being cleaned right now. The oven, refrigerator, bathrooms, all baseboards, chair rail, spider webby corners and fan blades have been cleaned. The inside of the windows. The sheers have been taken down, washed and re-hung. (Except the set that was MINE that Mr. P ruined. "by accident". He hated those flowy flowery drapes, I know it.) Decks have been sprayed down.

When I was showing the carpet guys the layout of the house I remembered the day we arrived from Texas. The CK and I were ahead of the boys, and we could not even believe how HUGE this house was. It is pretty immense. 3 living rooms. 4 bedrooms. 3 bathrooms. Dining room. Kitchen. Laundry room. Breakfast nook. Screened in porch. Deck. On a huge lot, on a little lake. We were amazed at our good fortune. (We rented it sight unseen as we couldn't take a trip East before we had to get place.) We had always lived on top of each other, and in this house we could really spread out. I am not happy with the status of our family right now, and I wonder if it is we really don't function as well spread out as we do right on top of each other. But spread out is how it has to be, and as excited as I am for this phase in all of our lives, right now, I really, really miss that day that we were all so happy to be here in this house.

OH, and I got struck my lightning on Saturday.


Jen L. said...

WHAT!?!?!??!? LIGHTNING? We need that story, please.

Congrats on the new place!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Yeah, how does one just tack on a comment about being struck by lightening as if it's nothing. Tease!

Glad you're getting the house organized ... it is always better to remember the best times as you leave one place and head to the next, isn't it?!?

--V said...

Geez, HP, way to bury the lead! Lightning? 'Splain, please.

Anonymous said...


You are just mean to do this to us.

That's like saying "I have herpes", then leaving for a year-long sabbatical out of the country.

Tammie said...

lightning? more please.

my family and i are crammed into a tiny apartment right now. im surprised at how well we are functioning. i think there is something to be said for your theory.

Shelley said...

What everyone else said - please 'splain about the lightning!

Oh, and I'm sorry that your family is not where you want it to be...growing pains with the CKs?

kilax said...

Huh? Details!

I am sorry that things are not how they used to be. I am often sad that I never really talk to my siblings anymore, now that we live so far apart :(

Alice said...

what what WHAT? YOU got struck!? i agree, DETAILS PLEASE you mean teasy lady!

Astarte said...

I'm sorry to hear you sounding so sad. Being unhappy with family situations is hard to handle. I hope that once you're settled again things will seem a little brighter, and you'll have more solid footing to start over.

Anonymous said...

Okay... you MUST share the story about the lightning.

Moving sucks! You're in transitional years with your family. It'll all come back together! Probably different, but good. :-D

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