Thursday, June 3, 2010

Does anyone know where to get eggplant porn?

One of the things I did this spring during Moodfest 2010 was plant a BUNCH of plants. Peppers of every variety we could find. Anaheim. Tabasco. Habanero. Thai. Jalapeno. Green bell. Tiny bell. Yellow bell. Orange bell. Red bell. (Which later I read somewhere that the other colored bell peppers are really green bell peppers that have further ripened---so good one Bonnie plant people---you got me to buy several more plants!) I also planted Japanese eggplant, cucumbers, strawberries, zucchini, and tomatoes in two sizes, grape and regular.

Now, if you read my post yesterday, oh. you didn't? Okay, I'll wait.
Alrighty then. Now you realize that I am moving many times this summer, and of COURSE this is the summer I decided that I MUST MUST grow enough peppers to support the country of Mexico and most of Texas. I thought of that. I put them all in planters. Some of the hanging ones (4), one square wooden one, two window boxes, and a variety of pots that I found laying around the house.

They are all doing well (except most of my herbs died and I only got ONE strawberry), but now...I am having some eggplant troubles. Or I might be. I don't know. Here they are:

The last two nights I have come home and ONE leaf is completed wilted. Thoroughly limp. I checked again the next morning and the limpness was still there, so I pruned the leaf. (This happened on 3 leaves, over 2 days). I posted my problem on Facebook and my sister thought maybe my plants needed some porn. (ya know so they wouldn't be limp.) (Oh, are we the only people that always go to "penis" when the words limp, hard, or any other word that can possibly applied to a penis are mentioned? If so, then nevermind.)

I consulted TWO horticulture professors, got good advice with requests for pictures when the plant did it again. But, today? NO limp leaves. So while am not in immediate need for eggplant porn, if you are aware of where to get it...drop me a line.

Oh, and speaking of lines...check out this goose family crossing the street.


Tammie said...

oh so your eggplants leaf is flaccid? i have no advice for you. i just wanted to use the word flaccid.

Shelley said...

Damn, Tammie beat me to it!

If that is true about pepper colors, hows come I don't like green but I do like red?

joven said...

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Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh - flaccid eggplant!

I have no gardening info for you, just wanted to commiserate on the Summer of Moves. One month at your mother's? OMG, I must hear more about this. Do you have a valium RX to take with you?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Very cool about all the veggies! I want to have a garden too... maybe next year. :-)

PS... got my shorts yesterday! I'll make a post about them this weekend! THANKS!!!!

tara said...

I'm not sure, but I think eggplant is in the squash family, so the first culprit I would look for are vine borers. Photos of adults and info here:

Since the larvae eat the plant from the inside out, you often don't know what's wrong until the plant falls entirely. If you can see no evidence of disease on the wilting leaves, I would start looking for borers. Look for adults, and for clusters of their eggs on the bottom, or deep in the V of the leaves. The eggs are tiny and bronze colored, easy to miss if you aren't looking carefully. The adults look pretty harmless as well, so keep an eye out for them.

I've heard that the best way to combat them is to cover the stem of the plant in aluminum foil. Can't remember why that works, but the consensus on Freedom Gardens dot com it tin foil, so start there!

And if you don't think that's it, go to freedom gardens anyway. The site is a bit of a pain to navigate, but the people there are super smart and can help you out!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Vigoro? The closest plant fertilizer I could think of that sounded like Viagra. Or maybe a good parmesan. Wait. That would make it think of being fried. Sorry! And yay for plants! Ours is overtaking the side of the house already.

creative kerfuffle said...

my brain is trying to formulate a joke about the limpness and maybe it needing more moisture, wetness, i don't know. i have a few plants (like cat nip) that look flaccid and then perk right up after a good watering. of course the comment above about the borers sounds more knowledgeable.

kilax said...

I love that you planted so many peppers! Are they doing better than the eggplant? I wish we would have started pepper earlier. We will have to buy ours.

P.S. my word verification was "sperim" but I did not see the "i" at first, so that may answer your penis question.

Jen L. said...

Just talk dirty to it. Plants like the carbon dioxide we breathe, so that's like a double thrill, right? I've got cucumbers and squash taking over the side of my house right now and my peppers are starting to sprout. I may be asking you for advice soon.

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