Sunday, June 6, 2010

but...I like to eat candy

We had a great weekend. After work on Friday we hightailed it down to the beach. Got up early on Saturday morning and got loaded on the pontoon boat and had a really good day--we snorkeled, floated, ate food, repeat for the entire day. I am so glad we went, the oil is SO close to ruining a really gorgeous area.

Got up this morning, and went out for a leisurely breakfast, then Mr. P drove home like he was trying out for NASCAR so we could get to our school's baseball games. We are in the NCAA tournament, hosting one of the brackets actually. We won both games today, one easily, the other one was a nail biter. I am actually washing my exact outfit now so I can wear it to the championship game tomorrow afternoon!

But I digress, on to where the post title is coming from....

On the trip I was looking through my backpack for a band-aid and found a baggie of candy from when we went to Belize in MARCH. Tonight after we got home from the baseball game, I ate the gummies out of it, which left Mr. P's licorice candies. I handed them to him, and he said he hated stale candy and was going to throw it away if I wasn't going to eat it. Then we had this conversation:

Me: I love stale candy.
Mr. P: I hate it, I am going to throw this away.
Me: Yeah, that is okay, I tried to eat a piece and convince myself I loved licorice and it didn't work.
Mr. P: WHAT?!?
Me: I like to eat candy.


Alice said...

hee.. i like licorice flavored jelly beans, but plain ol' licorice candy is just... too much.

i have a bag of leftover sour gummy worms, BUT it's in a bag that was at the Bedbug Hotel, so i'm pretty sure i am never going to stop being grossed out by that and should just chuck 'em.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

This oil spill sickens me. Partially that it happened in the first place, but mostly that it's taken entirely too long to get it under control and it's still spewing oil. BTW, I saw a Facebook group that made me laugh ... something along the lines of Let's Use BP Executives to Stuff the Hole. ha.

creative kerfuffle said...

i like candy too. i would have done the same thing. i'm a candy hoarder. i can't throw away halloween candy that has been forgotten or candy from christmas stockings. this very minute i have a zip lock gallon bag of werther's, hershey kisses and gum leftover from christmas stockings in my cabinet. i think i have issues.

Lucy said...

The oil spill is going to cause such problems.

Now, onto to candy, yeah, I totally get it, I am a huge candy eater!

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