Monday, June 14, 2010

pshaw...I can make that.

So, we are in the midst of packing up our kitchen so that we can accomplish step's one and two of the worst moving plan in the history of earth:

1. Get Mobile Attic (this Thursday).
2. Pack most of our stuff into Mobile Attic.
3. Have Mobile Attic moved to Penny's yard.
4. Move rest of stuff into one bedroom apartment for 30 days.
5. Move out of tiny apartment into mom's apartment for 7 days. Repack some stuff and shove into mom's apartment. Throw rest of stuff away.
6. Have Mobile Attic moved to street in front of new old house.
7. Unpack Mobile Attic, paint bedroom Sea Glass (which is the new white, by the way).
8. Have refrigerator delivered.
9. FINALLY BE THE FUCK MOVED after 2 months of horrible, random shuffling around.

Anyways, today is the day I decided I NEEDED one more planter of watermelons, AND that I should find plans online to build my own adirondack chairs while we are staying in the apartment. And a gardening bench. Because of course, a tiny apartment is the perfect setting for an amateur woodworking studio. Also, I spent about an hour researching the cost of a weekend trip to NYC because I feel like I need to jog in Central Park, eat a chicken salad BLT at Carnegie Deli and eat fluffernutter cupcakes and Mr. Misty ice cream cones. All seems very reasonable.

Do you ever make unreasonable or weird plans that you are determined to see through because if you don't, your life might be completely ruined otherwise??

Oh, and I gained 4lbs this week. McDonald's TWICE. Pizza. Wings. Fried Chicken. No jogging. I am so lame, I have got to get my shit together, I am 12 weeks out from our first half marathon of the running season. YIKES.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS the worst moving plan in the history of earth. Is heavy drinking one of the steps, or is that just a given? Good luck and come see us when you need to vent! (Or is the computer going to be in the Mobile Attic?)

Jen L. said...

Holy foobar. Is it bad that I kind of want you to set up a live streaming feed in your mom's place so we can watch those 7 days? PLEASE take pictures of the bathroom at least.

I'll go to NYC with you. We can walk across the bridges.

lastchanceivf said...

All I can say is that I DETEST moving/packing so I really feel for you on this one. UGH doesn't even cut it.

And a weekend trip to NYC is always going to sound divine to me. The mister and I always talk about packing our running gear and doing a long run in Central Park but alas we never do. But we did consume some delish ice cream cones in the park--does that count for anything?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

12 weeks ... you can totally do it ... just jump back on the training wagon and you'll be fine!

creative kerfuffle said...

oh, i think a streaming video of your time living w/ your mom would be EXCELLENT! yes! ha. and i have to agree that this is perhaps the most fucked up moving summer i've ever heard of. but tell me please--at the end of the road, are you going to be so very happy where you'll be living?

Alice said...

wow, i am more than a little impressed with your woodworking ambitions!! if you figure out the adirondack chairs, can i hire you to make some for me? :-)

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