Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The highschool kid officially became College Kid II today. We just got home from freshman orientation...which is weird to attend because (1) I am a double alumnus, and graduated in 1995 and 1996. (2) Mr. P is an alum as well (so is my sister and her husband) and he graduated in 2000. (3) I started working here in 2004. (4) College Kid I started school here in 2007 (and I attended orientation then as well). I have LOADS of knowledge about said school, we only haven't been on campus for 4 of the last 14 years, so orientation is not so orientatious, but more ANNOYING.

In a Parent to Parent session, the "panel" parents answered questions.

Audience Parent: What advice do we offer when our student is struggling?

Panel Parent: Tell them to regularly visit with their professors.

HELLO??? Before telling them to wander in and out of their professor's offices, why not ask them what have they done to prepare for class: Have you gone to class? Have you read? Have you done your assignments...graded or otherwise? Don't get me wrong, if students are trying, I WANT them to be in my office so I can help get them through. But I DESPISE students that I have never seen in class coming to my office hours expecting me to teach them then.

Audience Parent: My son is going to have to work. How many hours seem reasonable to expect him to work?

Panel Parent: Well, it would be better if he didn't have to work, so he had time to adjust and enjoy college.

HELLO???? Maybe that isn't an option for that family. Now, instead of offering sound advice, you made that parent feel like crap.

After that session we had a smaller 'intimate' session with a couple of college kid counselor types.

Parent: I think $995 a semester is too much for the mandatory meal plan.
All too Chipper Counselor A: It was just released that only 2% of the mandatory plan funds were not used by students, so it seems that students are using the money.
Parent: But MY daughter won't eat that much.
ATCCA: It does roll over, and you can buy giftcards to Starbucks and Chick Fil A for your balance that you can give as gifts!
Parent: I think it is too much.

OH FUCK. Do you really think that these two college kids have anything what.so.ever to do with setting the limits on the meal plans????

Parent: What happens if my students loses her ID (which includes the meal plans moneys)?
ATCCB: There is a webpage that you can login to, and immediately unactivate the card.
Parent: Am I out the money if someone steals it and uses it, even though there is a picture?
ATCCB: I have never heard of that happening, but as soon as she realizes it she can shut it down.
Parent: That didn't answer my question, am I OUT THE MONEY?

AGAIN. It is a college kid, if you are so fucking worried that your kid is going to lose the card, tape it too her forehead.

This was all in the first two hours.

BUT, my kid is all registered and excited about school, which is the purpose of the program. I can deal with idiots all day for that!


Jenni said...

First, Congratulations on the great step for the new college kid II.

Second, I thank GOD my parents didn't try and hand hold me like this. You got to cut those apron strings at some point.

I bet if you do the math, $995 a semester would work out to very cheap reasonable meal prices AND you get the money back if you don't use it? Wow, wish we had that. Although, many of us always ended up going over or just barely sqeaking by.

Anonymous said...

I'm really angry about the not having to work comment...what a complete fucking idiot and their kid is probably a complete idiot. I feel bad for that parent, how embarrassing. MAN I'M ACTUALLY ANGRY.


Jen L. said...

Dude. The kinda sad part is that these seemed like GOOD parents with common sense! Too often, we hear the parents going "why does my little perfect baby angel have to put in so many hours rehearsing the plays?" Um, because he's a freaking THEATRE major!?!??! Ya think???

Anywho, congrats to all of you on College Kid II. (Maybe he needs a nickname like "The Deuce" or something.) That's cool that you all go to/went to the same college. Way to go, team spirit!

Shelley said...

Gotta love (not) those helicopter parents. Didn't you just want to stand up and yell "they're in college now, it's time to let go!!!" - that's how I felt after our oldest son's college orientation.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Ugh. Who picks these people to be on the panel? At least you have an official (oriented and all) college freshman now- woot!

Jenn said...

God bless all teachers and educators, that's all I have to say! I can just imagine what they go through when dealing with parents all the time!

Alice said...

oh man, i would have been BURNING UP about that "just don't have your kid work" comment. i don't think anyone is all "well, i can easily pay full tuition, but i'd REALLY LIKE my kid to have to work 30 hours a week on top of class work." GRR.

better you than me, is all i can say :-)

congrats to college kid the second!!!

Fatinah said...

yay & congrats to College Kid II!

How exciting for you - my worst fear is daughter not getting post secondary.

Meanwhile - your orientation provided many giggles - yay to me! HAHA

kilax said...

Ugh. I would have been so frustrated. I had to work the entire time I was in college. That kid will probably have to as well. I hope he figures it out!

DAVs said...

I would have been annoyed at all of that crapola too.

People, they're the worst.

LiLu said...

"...tape it too her forehead."

Haha! Freaking LOVE it.

Congrats to College Kid II!!!

Amy said...

LOVE your persepective on this... :-D

SoMi's Nilsa said...

An admissions person or someone from campus should have joined the panel of parents, who clearly weren't trained to answer all questions.

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