Thursday, June 11, 2009

So should I be saying "My Adults"?

instead of 'my kids'? As of yesterday, I am the parent of two adults. Well, according to conventional aging wisdom...not sure it completely applies to my offspring.

The second college kid turned 18 years old yesterday. It is SO hard for me to believe that he is a man.

Healthy, healthy, healthy update: I have journaled. Yes, I have journaled ALL the stuff I have been eating, the FRIES, the ICE CREAM CAKE, the CHEESEBURGER. ALL the inappropriate stuff I have been eating and my ONE exercise of the week (the run on Monday). I have two more crazy weeks of work, then my life will calm down considerably and I can turn exercising back into my part-time lover.


Jenni said...

My brother's 38, my sister's 35, I'm 32. We're all married and two of the three of us have our own children. My mom still will say, "The kids are coming" when refering to any of us coming out for a visit or anything else. So, I think it's okay to still call them your kids.

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah, i'm 40 and i'm still called a kid. i think you always call them your kids. omg. i can't imagine my BABY being 18.
mmm, ice cream cake.

Jen L. said...

They're still your kids. Always will be. I giggled a little when you called the former high school kid a man, by the way. :)

Food journals are the way to go. They always work for me. I'm like "Hm, I'd love 1 Hershey Kiss, but I don't want to write it down, so never mind." It helps that I'm too much of a dorky rule-follower to cheat.

Shelley said...

I still call 'em "my kids" and when people find out how old they are, I usually get a laugh. No matter - they will always be kids to me!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Your kids will always be your kids. Happy bday to the man!

And are you watching Top Chef Masters?

Astarte said...

You know, I call my 6yo 'little man', but when he's actually a man, I'll be calling him my kid. Isn't that silly?

Anonymous said...

That seems crazy to me, I can't imagine a day when Steamboat could make himself a bowl of cereal much less be old enough to move out AND make himself a bowl of cereal.

Where did you get icecream cake from? Man I love the crap out of some icecream cake, I just decided I'm going to get one for my birthday, now I can't wait for October.


Alice said...

oh wow, 2 adults now!! congrats :-)

i should probably journal just so that i feel more embarassed about my eating habits. because i should definitely feel embarassed, eesh.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

As a "kid" in my family, I would be utterly offended if my parents started calling our table "the adults table" during holiday meals. It will ALWAYS be called "the kids table" no matter how old I get! Hopefully, your kids feel the same way!

wafelenbak said...

My Dad still calls me "Baby Girl". For a period of time it annoyed me, but now I think it's sweet.
Which is generally how it works with parents, from age 16-30 you think they are idiots and then after age 30 you realize they were pretty great all along. :)

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