Sunday, January 2, 2011

Might as well jump right on in.

This morning, Mr. P and I went to look at a boat. A BIG boat. It is a fantastic deal. It is exactly what we have been dreaming about buying. It could be our floating RV at the lake and the beach all summer. It has A/C and TV (besides water, my favorite two things of summer). We can afford it. We haven't completely decided, but we are fairly certain that we are going to give big boating a shot. We love little boating. big>little, so it stands to reason that big boating>little boating. Why then am I close to saying "No"? It is because I don't want to hurt our kids feelings that we are cutting them off the same time we are making a fairly extravagant purchase.

The boat was very close to a Bass Pro Shop, so we stopped to look at all the fish in their giant fish tank. It is sort of like a redneck aquarium in there.

Then we stopped at a craft store so that I could buy supplies for my crocheting.

I have managed to master the chain stitch and am getting better at a single crochet. I have spent most of the evening on this square shown on Mr. P's ankle to demonstrate scale. I think I might actually like crocheting, but I feel ultra old, with my bucket o'yarn and needles next to my chair. I will say, that holding the yarn and concentrating makes snacking pretty difficult.

So, on tap for tomorrow---start figuring out my workout/work routine that works with my class schedule, gym schedule and Mr. P schedule. Plus, I just remembered this afternoon that I have to present a paper at a conference on THURSDAY, so I may want to take a look at that.


Shelley said...

I think buying the boat will show your kids that you are serious about living your life - it's time for you and Mr. P to do your own thing that isn't kid-centric.

P.S. A/C AND a TV? Sounds perfect!

--V said...

I second what Shelley said. Your money is *yours*, not *theirs*, and you have every right to do what you want with it.

Today's word verification: rabbilt -- a hutch made for and by rabbits?

Swistle said...

I'm split: I totally get what you're saying about the kids' feelings with the TIMING of this boat purchase. On the other hand, I'm REALLY leaning toward you getting the boat. And then I read Shelley's comment and I think she might be right that the timing could actually be good, too. It almost seems like it's a good visual demonstration of how by paying for your children's lives for them, you've been unable to pay for your own.

Deb said...

Get the boat. You deserve it. Alot of kids today (God, I sound old) haven't clued in to the fact that the reason their parents can afford a boat/house/vacation/what-have-you is that they spent YEARS workiing and earning and saving to have it. I promise you if you get the boat and stick to your guns that someday your kids' boss' will thank you.


The boss of too many entitled 20-somethings that don't think that have to work for a damned thing.

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