Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guilt 1, Potcheries 0

After not being able to sleep worth a crap for the last two nights (post big boat visit), Mr. P and I decided today to not buy THAT big boat. We would have had to get a loan for part of it, and after a few days of soul searching, we decided to look for a boat a bit older, and a bit less expensive, and I finally feel more at ease and I am hoping that sleep comes to me tonight.

I should say WE didn't decide, Mr. P decided, but I am oh so glad. I won't tell him no when it comes to this because we have spent so much time doing what I want to do, when I want to do it, and how I want to do it, that I want him to have this. Plus my rationale for saying no is that I feel guilty for doing something so awesome when I know my kids are struggling. I know that Mr. P and I have WORKED for what we have...but guilt has built a house of brick within my brain and I just can't get that damn thing blown down. (VERY obscure reference to the 3 Little Pigs, and I am not sure why I did that.)

Anyways, I have been sleeping shittily, and thus feeling shitty because I am a girl who's very existence is tied to sleeping, so today I decided to go for a nice walk because it was gorgeous and sunny and near 60 degrees and I was hoping good outside air would help me sleep. I walked to the park and then "played" on their exercise equipment.

I went to work, then home for red beans and rice, and then crocheted for a bit. I am definitely making progress. I think Mr. P is already quite tired of, "Look at this...does it look like real crochet?" "Hey, look...I made this CIRCLE just out of YARN", and "WOW, did you ever know I could be such a great crocheter???"

I might be done with my first "project" in about a week. Aren't you JUST SO EXCITED???

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creative kerfuffle said...

this post has so many of the elements that made me become a reader oh so long ago. i love your honesty about the guilt (i can relate); love the shadow photo! and the crocheting thing cracks me up. i crochet. i am not good at it by any means. i was taught a long time ago. i cannot read crochet directions so i only know how to do the simple stitch i was taught. i've made a handful of blankets through the years (all of them freehand because i can't follow directions). i have been working on a blanket for the hubs for 2-3 years. since i don't know how to follow a pattern it is oddly shaped. it looks like a scarf for jack's friend w/ the beanstalk. (to go along w/ your 3 pigs ref).

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