Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hotel sex is totally worth $12

I love hotels. I mean, I really, ridiculously love hotels. One of my favorite things about my job is that twice a year I get to go to really nice hotels courtesy of my school to attend conferences. I am in such a hotel right now. The Intercontinental Hotel in Atlanta. Here is my room (it was better before I junked it up with all my stuff, but I got here early to work, then I went to a reception and had THREE free Michelob Ultras so I am not cleaning up for pictures):

Here is the bathroom. I am totally have a bubble bath in that sucker tomorrow after my run. BOO.YAH.

But my favorite part of nice hotels? THE MINI BAR. I rarely get anything out of it, I just love knowing that I can. I get per diem when I am away, and I usually don't even come close to spending it, so if I want a $3 bag of M&M's then I am going to get them. (Last year I got a glass bear fully of horrid gummy bears for $9. Totally worth it.) This hotel offers a little something extra in the mini-bar that I have never seen before.....

BWAH HA HA...$12 for an "Intimacy Kit"? I totally want to know what you get for $12, because Mr. P is joining me tomorrow...wink wink. Sadly though, I can't find where the kit is...and there is no way I am asking about it.
So my slides are just about done, I am a little drunk, and I am waiting for my ROOM SERVICE club sandwich and mixed greens. Today, I love my job.

P.S. Texas Caviar is chopped onion, chopped peppers (whatever color(s) you want), chopped jalapeno, chopped habanero (only for the very brave), chopped cucumber, cans of black beans, black eyed peas, white corn and yellow corn (all drained). Salt, pepper and italian dressing. Easy peasy and delicious.


Hotch Potchery said...

I texted Mr. P the picture of the mini bar menu and asked what he thought the kit entailed,

"It's probably KY. And a rubber."

Nice talk.

Anonymous said...

DAMN! I totally want to see the intimacy kit. Maybe you can highlight it with question marks, leave it out and room service will bring you one tomorrow??

That tub looks awesome!

Anonymous said...


Kate said...

Thanks for the recipe! And I'm thinking a two-pack of condoms.

Shelley said...

Mr. P is such a romantic!

Still say you should go for it - call down to the front desk and ask for one - it'll probably make their day!

Anonymous said...

I am a total hotel freak, too. My favorite part of any conference is ordering room service and watching cable in a giant fluffy bed.

I think you should go down to the front desk with lipstick smeared, hair in disarray, and your shirt buttoned wrong, and say "I demand to get an intimacy kit for my minibar RIGHT NOW."

creative kerfuffle said...

when i worked i traveled a lot and while i didn't like the frequency, i did love me some staying in a nice/cool hotel. room service rocks. not cleaning your own room, rocks! one hotel i stayed at in nyc had an "intimacy" kit---lube, rubber, a candle and some bath salt. not kidding. i've only seen it in that hotel though and the hubs was no where near nyc so it went unused.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

My guess for the intimacy kit: lube, condom and a feather tickler. hahaha.

Holly said...

LOL at the "Intimacy Kit"! I wonder if it's in the safe... :P

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