Friday, November 12, 2010

my phone go boom

Today I was meeting some old friends for lunch and in my haste to get a quarter in the meter I dropped my iPhone on the sidewalk, and BOOM, it was all over for the iPhone 3. White screen of iPhone death.

I came home and Googled and YouTubed solutions and I must have broken the LED screen...I decided I would go on Tuesday to get the iPhone 4.

Two hours later, I got the iPhone 4. I couldn't STAND not being connected to the world every second.

How sad is that?

Now, Mr. P and I canceled our plans for tonight (meet up with friends for beers and trivia) and are settled in with pizza and Hell's Kitchen on DVR and talking to each other using FaceTime while we sit next to each other in the living room.

That is even sadder!


kilax said...

I bet if my husband broke his iPhone he would be replacing it just as quickly! That thing is addictive :)

Anonymous said...

When my laptop broke I had terrible withdrawal while it was being fixed.

What is Face Time?

Kate said...

When I took my laptop in, I almost bought a netbook. I was like, "WHY? WHY DO YOU SELL THESE HERE? THAT"S CRIMINAL." They just laughed.

Alice said...

sadder? or... AWESOMER? :) i'm going with option b.

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