Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Less words Wednesday: Gardening woes

I have some weirdness happening in my garden party.

First, I have a mad digger who is digging holes in all my potted plants, spilling my expensive dirt, having no regards for plant babies or flower pots that I have had for 20 years. Bastards.

AND, I think Bonnie's Plant Farms sold me a WEED with my lettuce....the pink is the WEED, and the blue is what the rest of the plants look like...I planted them right out of the flat I bought of Buttercrunch (or is it Buttercrisp) lettuce...maybe it isn't a weed, but I got an awesome bonus plant, but I think I am purposefully and carefully growing an expensive weed.


Alice said...

ha! it's a pretty weed, if it is in fact a weed... :)

Kate said...

What? You're still gardening?! SOOOO not fair. It's gonna snow here tomorrow.

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