Thursday, April 1, 2010

so it wasn't a rock afterall.

The weather here this week has been absolutely divine. So great that all I want to do is breath the outside air...and actually right now I have all the doors open (don't tell Mr. P because I guess bugs like to come inside, and he would prefer I just open windows) and am 'working' from the patio.

On Tuesday I just putzed around the house and went running and when I finally couldn't put it off anymore, went in to work to finalize my exam. I took my gym stuff because my circuits class is on Tuesday afternoon. I ended up not allowing myself enough time, so I ended up having to scramble and throw my gym clothes on and run to get to the class on time. I felt a little stone in my shoe and thought that once I got to an ab exercise I would take my shoe off and get it out.

It shifted, so ended up not bothering me so I didn't look for it until after the class. It wasn't a rock afterall.

It was a broken nail. No, not a metal nail like for hanging up pictures, or hammering wood. I looked at my toes, all intact. Looked at my fingers, in tact. I don't know where it came from or whose it was, but ACK. GROSS.

But, that isn't the worst thing I ever found in my shoe. Once, I had a 'rock' in my shoe and when I got to work and checked, and it was actually a

roach. A COCK.ROACH.

The only good thing? It was dead.

(That happened about 15 years ago when I was working graveyard shift at a diner and living at my dad's house in between Mr. P getting out of the Air Force and us starting at school. ahh the good old days.)


Shelley said...

Note to self: Always shake out shoes when visiting HP.

kilax said...

A few weeks ago, Steven found a worm in his shoe (he keeps them in the garage). Now he does "worm check" every time he puts them on ;)

Penny said...

I remember in high school learning about some war (the Civil War?) where some of the soldiars didn't know their right from left so they put hay in one boot so when they were marching they could say "hay foot" instead of right...or whatever...ANYWAY you could do roach foot to help you with R and L

megmegmeg said...

Blech. That is vile. Around here, we get to check our shoes (and everything else) for scorpions, so it could be worse. Also, I used to do this thing as a kid- laying down with my head on the brick hearth in my house (comfy). Anyway, I once had a roach crawl into my HAIR. I didn't sleep for weeks. Shudder.

Amy said...

Yes... always clear out shoes! Wow, you have some stories!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh my God. I am so freaked out by both of these things. Holy shiiiite.

Big Mama Cass said...

I will be scared every time I put on my shoes from now on. Thank you. AHH lol

Topo Ledo said...

Weck...I think it happen recently. But everything is going well now. isn't it?

Not Your Aunt B said...

EEEEEK! A ROACH?!?!? OMG! OMG! OMG! (As you can see I don't do well with bugs. At all.)

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