Friday, September 10, 2010

I got a major slump going on up in here

So, last I left you, Mr. P had been laid off and we were headed out for my birthday weekend. Let's see, since then:

  • I turned 41. Mr. P threw me TWO birthday parties. One drinky party and one family party. My mom pitched a fit that she was not invited to the drinky party.
  • We moved out of tiny apartment into tiny house. The house is tiny. Tiny. t.i.n.y. I got bummed out at the tinyness and the crampedness and quit unpacking about a day in. I am still not moved in nearly 6 weeks later.
  • I kept Eli for a weekend. Wow. 4 is tough.
  • Went away with my highschool girlfriends for a weekend. Awesome. Laughter. Hugs.
  • Joined a new gym and got a personal trainer. Quit running. Quit everything. Even bailed on my trainer this week.
  • Mr. P got a new job where he has to travel out of town at least one night a week. It is way harder than I thought it would be. So much so, that I went with him last night. (The job is great, he loves it, he is making more money than before, he is happy and he has a company truck that he digs driving around Alabama.)
  • I joined a bowling league and on the first day I bowled a 150 and 141, but now two days later my knee hurts and my middle finger does too.
  • I got a health screening and my numbers are good. (Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.)

I don't know what is going on with me. I feel guilty and shitty for getting behind on stuff. And my new diet of hydrogenated/fructose corn syrup snacks that I enjoy with beers probably doesn't help my attitude or motivation much either.

I took before pictures of the house o'tiny when we moved in. My plan is to be able to take the after pictures on Sunday. Plus, I have a huge harvest of peppers and I want to invite the family over for stuffed peppers next week. Will I get it done? Time will tell.


Tammie said...

yay youre back. i missed you.

congrats on the misters job. thats wonderful.

(oh and thank you for the email today.)

Fatinah said...

boy - have I missed you - so happy to see a post!!

creative kerfuffle said...

GOD I MISSED YOU! but then, you already know that. i'm so glad your health screen went well. yeah you!
how tiny is tiny? it is now just you and the mr. living there right? are we talking 300 square feet tiny? do you have a patio or deck or something? i'm all about some outdoor "rooms." because i love you and know how much it sucks to be unemployed i am VERY happy mr. p got a job so quickly (and one that sounds amazing) however, as someone unemployed i am a teenie tiny bit jealous ; )
please keep blogging. please oh please oh please.
btw--i wore my marshall shirt to the girl's game today. even though they totally lost at the very end. dammit.

Shelley said...

Welcome back! So much to comment on - why did you quit running? I got a fuel belt and now you can make fun of me...but only if you start back running, lol!

I missed you.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Sometimes you need to strip yourself of everything to really know what you want and need. So, I say, it's ok to get rid of blogging, healthy food and exercise in order to realize what you need and to figure out how to fit them back into your life!!

--V said...

Welcome back!

I second what Nilsa said. It's kind of like rearranging a room, isn't it? Sometimes you have to take everything out to see how it could all go back in a new combination.

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