Monday, December 28, 2009

yeah, you probably SHOULD judge me

because I am eating bon-bons...but not MY bon-bons, but Mr. P's bon-bons because my Mom loves me and Penny and therefore did not give us any bon-bons. Oh, don't judge me for eating candy, but instead because while I eat bon-bons I am just now working on my Christmas cards.


I wrote a.


Christmas letter. I know. I know. I laugh at the Christmas letter writer people.

also, judge me because I compiled a 'collage' photo to include. oh dear, how obnoxious am I?

Anyways, I thought I would share with all of you because other than a few people, I like my interwebs better than most I am sending this too. (Except for YOU, of course).

December 28, 2009

We wanted to wish everyone a great holiday season, and even picked out cards out very, very early this year, but we wanted to include an updated family photo and time got away from us—

But…while we have your attention, we will provide a quick update, this has been a HUGE year!

CK2 graduated high school, got a scholarship to Auburn, moved into an apartment (with CK), and completed his first semester in college. He was in two community theater productions this year, Fiddler on the Roof and Miracle Worker.

CK turned TWENTY and is now a senior at Auburn. She has decided on her career…high school science teacher! She will graduate next December. CK spent her summer in upper NY working at Camp Echo Lake and currently works at the after school program where she attended Kindergarden, talk about full circle.

Mr. P and I are enjoying our empty nest, and are anxiously awaiting my tenure decision. I put my packet together in October and should get the final word in early spring. We are definitely hoping for tenure since my sister and her family, and my mother moved to Auburn this year.

It has been a good year for our family, and we hope all of you are well! Hope you had a terrific holiday season!!!

P.S. Santa brought our family a cruise to Mexico for Christmas, and that is when we finally managed to get all of us in a photo!

Commence barfing and gagging, and check out the photo collage:

Merry Christmas. again.


Lucy said...

I have never written a Christmas letter but I love to get them, I really do, call me weird!

It sounds like your year has been good, your trip was great and I that picture says it all!!!

Anonymous said...

Best Xmas letter I saw all season. No joke!

I love the pics of all of you. Too cute!!!

Amy said...

I LIKE it! :-D

lastchanceivf said...

Great pics!
Your xmas letter is nicer than mine :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... you and your daughter look so much alike! Love the pic of Mr. P. with the parrot on his shoulder... arrgh!

Shelley said...

Love the photo collage - it looks like the cruise was spectacular! You are gorgeous and your family isn't too hard on the eyes, either! Thanks for sharing!

kilax said...

I love the photos - you have such a beautiful family! :)

Not Your Aunt B said...

You have lots of great reasons to write a Christmas letter so I would have too! It's not every year you can write a letter like that. Love the collage because I am cheesy too. And, um, you so DON'T look like CK's mom. Her sister, but not her MOM. I had to look real hard at the collage.

Tammie said...

i normally HATE christmas letters but yours seemed more like an Update than the usual heres what i accomplished this year type of christmas letter. i hate those.

and the pictures are adorable. your whole family is so dang cute.

Penny said...

Put the chocolates down, they are not yours! I threw Teddy's away, along with the rest of the Candy on Sunday. I'm sorta sad now that it is gone, but I did find a box of stray candy canes at lunch.

and I ate one.

Alice said...

that's an EXCELLENT xmas letter! no need for shame or barfing, honest!! :-) glad your christmas cruise was FAAAABulous!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

at least you wrote one! hope you had a lovely holidy!

creative kerfuffle said...

thank jesus your christmas letter was not written in poem form. barf. i'm not opposed to the christmas letters so much, and yours did not make me want to barf : ) i love the photo collage. we received one christmas letter this year from a second or third cousin whom i've just reconnected w/ on fb. she wrote the letter in poetry form, trying to rhyme everything. barf.

Marmite Breath said...

I feel like I know you through your blog, and I've always felt very friendly towards you.

Until now when I see that you look insanely young for having children that age. Now I'm just mad at you.

But you're so cute, I can't help liking you again! Damn you, Hotch Potchery!

PS) I drove through Auburn the other day. I am visiting my parents in Mississippi. Woot for I-85 and gas stations that have clean bathrooms.

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