Monday, October 5, 2009

What a weekend!

Our weekend was jammed packed...

  • I signed up to be on our college's Relay for Life team. One of my colleagues lost her ex-husband to pancreatic cancer a few months ago, and another colleague is fighting colon cancer with every breath he has. I need to do more things were my perspective focuses on all the things that is RIGHT with my life.
  • Mr. P and I got our pictures taken at CVS and then went to the courthouse to apply for new PASSPORTS! We decided to take the kiddos on a fun trip, but I can't say anymore about that. Mr. P swore me to secrecy.
  • We did a little shopping for said trip, and I got two dresses from a DEPARTMENT STORE. Yup, you read that right. It was awesome. I tried the dresses on this morning and they fit right now, but should look great at trip time.
  • Mr. P took me to see Whip It. When we were leaving Mr. P said, 'ehh, I liked it but won't have to own it'. Not me. It is a re-watch for me mos def. Due to my angsty angsty self, I fell in love with the song during the final credits. It took me most of Friday evening, but I found it (not on the soundtrack). It is 28 by Lorene. I can't find it anywhere to post for you, but I did find her MySpace page.


  • Set an alarm for Saturday morning to get in a nice 5 miler in the crisp morning air. Really cool part? I actually got up when the alarm went off and went on a GREAT run. Mr. P did too.
  • Mr. P and I picked up Eli and took him to an event at the local forest preserve. Creepy Crawlies. Eli LOVED it and showed no fear, except with the Hissing Roaches. Smart boy.
  • Took a lunch break because Mr. P and I were going to keep Eli overnight on Saturday so Penny and Teddy could attend Penny's 15th reunion. Went to a new Italian restaurant and I skipped all the parmigiana, and went for a veggie pasta in a wine sauce. It was delish.
  • After Eli's rest, we took him to the playground where he proceeded to get a split lip, and I had a stroke. Took him to Target to play with all the toys, got him a DVD and a football, then took him out for dinner and let him watch his DVD. Took him home, got him bathed and in bed and then watched our football game. 5-0. Awesome.


  • Fed Eli breakfast and went on another run. I meant to do 2 miles, but ended up going 3.5 miles instead. About halfway through I rolled my ankle, and while I was able to keep going, it has been throbbing ever since. I have iced it and kept it up. I will be devastated if my training gets interrupted.
  • Penny and Teddy arrived home, and Mr. P and I took the opportunity to go meet some friends to watch some NFL.
  • Came home to a house with NO POWER. Lit a bunch of candles, got settled in, and the lights came on...and which time Mr. P made me a dinner of grilled cheese and vegetable soup. mmmmm.

It was a fantastic weekend filled with all the stuff we love the most! Hope your weekend rocked as well.

OH, I weighed in today, no loss. no gain. But, things are 'shifting' around. Yesterday I was about to go on my run and Mr. P said, "WOW, your legs are getting skinny". AND AND, I just got my teaching evaluations from the summer and they were great. My boss alluded to the outside letters he got for me and where he can't tell me anything, he gave me a big grin. Maybe, just maybe, I will survive all this.



Anonymous said...

Do you realize you just typed the sentence, "I will be devastated if my training gets interrupted"? My god, what is happening to us?

That sounds like a fun weekend, and I hope your ankle's just a temporary annoyance.

I had been fantasizing about a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and yay on the department store dresses!!!!!!!

Tammie said...

i cant believe how much running you did. color me impressed.

congrats on the dresses!

oh and have i ever mentioned how much i love the term "fatty mcbutterpants" as a label for your weight related posts? cracks. me. up.

Lynne said...

Wow, jam packed is right.
Great running this weekend! And that's awesome that you signed up for Relay for Life. That's been something I've thought about doing.
Hope the ankle feels better and your training schedule isn't hindered by it.
Big grins are good. You'll make it.

Jenn said...

Whoa, that's busy!
Oooo, I hope things go well with your job!!! Sounds promising.

Jen L. said...

Yay, you sound happy! So glad you had a good weekend.

Shelley said...

What a jam-packed, fun weekend! Glad to hear you liked Whip It - I want to see it. And how exciting for your mystery trip - c'mon, you can tell me...I won't spill the beans!

Nice on the shifting around...makes those "no loss" days on the scale much easier to take!

Lucy said...

What a perfect weekend!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I love when you go out for a run and are feeling good enough to go farther than originally planned. On the flip side, I hate when I have to cut a run short because I'm just not feeling it. Sounds like a really great weekend!

Alice said...

what a fantastic weekend!! so much fan AND no guilt... i rarely manage to combine both of those ;-)

Penny said...

One of the doctors I used to work with told me to remember RICE for sprained ankles. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation...and then Advil if there is any pain or swelling...(which I would guess there is).

Thanks again for watching my baby. He had a great time (he had to take his footprint bookmark to school with him today to show his teacher)

DAVs said...

I'm late to the fun weekend filled party--but I made it nonetheless.
That does sound like a jam-packed weekend--all fun stuff! Congrats on all the running and the skinny legs. One of my favorite songs is called "Skinny Legs" and now it's in my head.

kilax said...

I love weekends like that! I can't wait to hear more about the secret trip!

And you are totally kicking butt on the running! You're an inspiration!

wafelenbak said...

I wanted to see Whip It, and then I didn't when I noticed the crowd at the theater was all teenage girls. And now you have me wanting to see it again.
Love that body shifting stuff. All of a sudden my thighs are turning into solid muscle. Okay, I'll take it. :)

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