Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Third try at a snack is gonna be a party pack at Taco Bell

was what I just said to Mr. P after my first two attempts at healthy, appropriate snacks went viciously wrong.

First, I tried to heat up the remainder of some organic minestrone. Well, it wasn't liquid and it smelled weird. FAIL.

Second, I tried to toast a low-fat organic whole grain waffle and it burnt 7 shades of black. FAIL FAIL.


Sunday night I realized that all that effort at healthy, healthy, healthy was starting to revert back to unhealthy, bloated, crappy. I gained 13 of the hard lost pounds back. I basically quit jogging on a regular basis. All I was doing was working, a lot, then having pizza and beer for dinner, a lot. Lost my balance. SO, I registed for the 10K with the Christmas Lights that we did last year (with that dreaded Jolley Trolley), found a 4 week 10K training plan, and rejoined WeightWatchers.

So, today, on DAY TWO, after staying in points, but jogging 60 minutes (ONLY 6.16 k's, jeeeez) my dinner salad didn't cut it and I needed another snack before I dove face first into a bathtub full of candy corn---and seriously I was TRYING to do the right thing only to get smacked down. TWICE.

However, third time was a charm and I managed not to burn the waffle and topped it with some natural peanut butter and simply fruit. Now I am going to bed before I rip off Mr. P's face because he has 3 candy bars, 2 zingers and a box of rasberry cookies in his nightstand.


creative kerfuffle said...

ok, first ...why does he have all of that in his nightstand! LOL and second...tell me about this natural pnut butter. we go through A LOT of pnut butter in this house (mostly me and the boy) and i'm wondering if the natural is better. one friend tried it and declared it nasty...like you had to mix it up or something?
good for you for getting back on track!

Shelley said...

Sounds like a good plan with the WW and the Christmas race...you'll get your miles back up quickly, I'm sure!

Re Mr. P's stash - if I know something like that is in the house, it's mine. You are a strong woman to go to bed in the same room with those snacks!

What's happening with the house?

kilax said...

Getting back on track is so hard! I defintely struggle. I am still struggling now. I think having goals (like the race) to keep you on track really helps though. And I know a lot of people who love WW!

Alice said...

oh man. this "track." i've heard of it and the getting back on it part. not that i would know, EESH. scheduling the race was a good idea! i always do better with something that may end in embarassement for me to spur me along... :)

Anonymous said...

I admire you for signing up for a 10K and rejoining WW. I need to do something like that, too.

And, yay, return of the Jolly Trolley!

Tammie said...

the commenter above me scares me.

Hotch Potchery said...

yeah, that was creepy, and somehow I let the spam get through. off my game.

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