Friday, October 8, 2010

Breaking and Entering

So today is the day we go look at a house. But, I was so anxious about it, I went and jog stalked the house this morning. I wanted to jog past and look and think..."could I live there"...then continue jogging and decide..."could this be MY street" etc.

But I didn't just jog past. Really, that is all I meant to do...then the NEXT thing I know I am jiggling doors until I got one to open. I knew the house was empty from the pictures online, so I wasn't worried about a shotgun in the face. So I went through the whole house in my sweaty joggy clothes. know, I texted Mr. P that I was going to jog stalk the house and he replied, "Don't get caught" and I thought...well, who would know what I was doing, I jog by there all the time. He must have figured I would try to break in.

ANYWAY, it needs wooooork. Lots of work. I think Alice made the Brady's Thanksgiving dinner in the oven...there was a label that said, "Contstant Caloric Heat" I am not sure how I feel about the looks like a laissez-faire approach to lawn maintenance has been taken in the past, which I don't hate, but no real place for me to garden. I like to garden. Enough room, but GIANT trees that shade it all up.

Pink tiled bathroom. A yellow tiled bathroom. Small rooms. But it has my favorite element about our big house that we moved out of...layered living rooms, both with fireplaces. We can set one up pretty, and let Mr. P man cave one up big time. One for football games, one for afternoon relaxing. The kitchen would need to be completely redone. There is a tiny room I would call the library with built ins, and swinging doors that lead into I am not sure what (I couldn't find the light switch, and I had been in the house for 10 minutes by now) and a garage.

ACK. 28 minutes until show time, then Mr. P and I have some shopping to do and will hash it all out, and I am waiting for my HomeBuying for Dummies to show up from Amazon. I am not sure this house will get scooped up that quickly, but if it does, it does. If it isn't...well, then maybe I am about to go into real estate.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

The best thing I ever did before actually looking at properties was to make a list. I broke the list up into MUST HAVES and NICE TO HAVES. It really helped me figure out what I was willing to live with and what were the deal breakers. Might not be a bad idea for you and Mr. P to do the same. That way, you don't waste time (and energy and potential) on houses that don't measure up.

Anonymous said...

I was so worried there was going to be an "And then a nice police officer walked through the door" at the end of this post. Getting arrested in hot sweaty jogging clothes would be horrible. Can you imagine having to smell yourself through all of booking and waiting to get bailed out?

I'm dying to know what Mr P thought of the house. Did he see the potential? Are you up for the work? Is it liveable until the work is done? Did you check to see if there is an Alice/Sam hidden love nest?

Most of all - Bama lost!!! hahahahahahahahahaa!!

creative kerfuffle said...

you have balls! i can't believe you broke and entered the house! LOL i think the room that would sell me would be the tiny library w/ built ins. omg. i'm excited about this journey you're on...even if it turns out this isn't the house.

Anonymous said...

what a fun adventure! That sounds like a fun eclectic house that you could make your own. :-)

Alice said...

hahaha i love that you broke into the house! i was SO sure this was going to have a more alarming ending as well... very happy you were not caught ;-) good luck with the planning, and YAY MAYBE HOMEOWNER!

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