Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lightning only strikes once...

Last Saturday (or now two Saturdays ago), Mr. P and I were swimming in the lake when a big thunderstorm rolled in. We debated going to the marina for cover, but didn't think we would make it in time, plus we were participating in a poker run with about 30 other boats, and even if we got there, we wouldn't have a spot to park the boat. We decided to wait it out.

Rain started, no problem. Rumbling thunder, no problem. Lighting...ehh...maybe, a problem? But then I rationalized that even IF lightning hit the lake, the lake is SO huge that the electricity would dissapate, and while we might feel it, it certainly wouldn't kill us.

Little did I know that theory would be tested. We heard a loud crash and FELT a jolt at the same time as a flash of lightning hit the lake. DUDE. We didn't die, and really it didn't even hurt. It just felt, weird, like you just flexed all your muscles at once. Then I had a lingering feeling in my hip for about a minute, which I have decided healed me as I have run 5K twice this (last) week, no limping, no pain.
Not an incredibly exciting story, but man, I love saying, "I got hit by lightning."

I wrote this post a million days ago, but wanted a picture to accompany it, and I hadn't downloaded pictures since before we went to the Bahamas. yikes.

THEN, the pictures didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, so, sorry for the anti-climatic lightning post.
Bat shit crazy Alabama summer weather.


Jen L. said...

YIKES. I"m glad you didn't die and that you're healed. This weather IS bat shit crazy.

Shelley said...

That is damn scary! Interesting how it cured your running pain, though. And good going with running over 6 miles last week!

lastchanceivf said...

Our house was struck by lightning once and I was home--I hit the ground. It was the loudest sound EVER. And then we had a flood--it turns out lightning can bust pipes in foundations. At any rate, I'm glad you're OK. Watch out for that crazy weather!

kilax said...

Wow! Maybe I need to get struck my lightening, if it has healing powers ;)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Oh my - glad to hear you're ok. Reminds me of that time in middle school when our batshit crazy coach kept us out on the soccer fields to practice even though the hair on our arms was standing up. No chance of lightening, my ass!

Anonymous said...

that is a cool story though! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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