Wednesday, July 14, 2010

things were going a bit too well, apparently

We settled into our tiny new digs, and other than the tiny brown bugs in our ice cubes, the washer only rinsing in scalding hot water and the refrigerator smelling like bizarre flowery cleaner, we were happy to be downsized. Waiting patiently to move into the house in a little less than a month, even though a week with Mom lies in between.

Then TODAY. Mr. P texts me to tell me that a lady at his work got laid off. THEN about an hour and a half later, the axe men walk into Mr. P's office (he works in a satellite office about 45 minutes away) and are RIGHT.THIS.MOMENT huddled in the manager guys office. The manager guy that we call the Gelmet because he wears his dyed black hair slicked back, a la, Sha-Na-Na. This same dude that has been carrying on a game of grab ass with a co-worker for nearly 6 months. This same dude that threw Mr. P's friend out to the wolves and she got fired. The same dude that treats Mr. P like his secretary (calls him and tells him to email him reminders, tells him to send his UPS shipments, etc.) even though Mr. P is a project manager. This guy is slimy and will sell Mr. P out as sure as anything.

Now, Mr. P is miserable and wants to quit daily, but we are kinda dependent on his money...and we just kind of encouraged our kids to do some stuff that would require more help from us. Blech.

If it happens, we will manage, but man alive, can we not have 4 freaking months of peace???


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Cheering for Mr. P from afar ... and hoping the big shot managers meeting winds up in a firing of Gelmet instead.

creative kerfuffle said...

ah hotch, i'm sending my most positive thoughts your way w/ the hopes that mr. p doesn't get the boot.

Anonymous said...

hoping everything is okay!

Shelley said...

Sending good thoughts your way...they laid off 66 people yesterday at A&M. :(

Tammie said...

i'll be thinking of you.

before moving here, jay had serious problems with his immediate boss, nothing that effected him personally, but there was a lot going on that wasnt on the up and up that jay was aware of. he hated work and talked of quitting on a daily basis.

things are better now of course, but there were a few years where our whole house was on edge because of the situation.

sending you positive thoughts.

--V said...

The silence is deafening over there, HP. How did things go?

Worried. And you know what? I'm also really glad you got tenure--even more so than before.

Anonymous said...

Ugh....positive thoughts coming your way. DH is a product manager (similar to Mr. P) and deals with all this crud too. Totally sucks.

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