Sunday, November 13, 2011


I failed NaBloPoMo AGAIN...this is two years in a row that I start out great, then my life gets the better of me and I forget to blog, even though I think of the blog several times a day.

We were out of town last weekend at the beach, then came back and I worked Monday night and 12 hours on Tuesday. I took Wednesday as a me day, and did a great long workout, a run, made some "green" pasta sauce that was OUT.STANDING (in my opinion...I gave some to my sister and haven't heard so I am thinking they may not have cared for it and didn't want to hurt my feelings), caught up on Glee, snuggled my sister's new baby, chatted with her 5 year old, went bowling (we are in a league), then worked all Thursday and Friday, then we went out of town again to our first ever "away" college football game.

We got home a few hours ago and I have the base of chicken pot pie simmering in the kitchen and we are relaxing. RELAXING...what a novel thing to do, and man do I need it.

I got an email from Nike+ that they are hosting a 'virtual' half marathon for women in January. I won't be completely ready to run the whole thing, but I was thinking maybe I would do my normal run that day, then work on walking the rest of it throughout the day...anybody interested in doing this with me??? (I do not know all of the details quite yet...I will look them up right now.)


Alice said...

what was in this green pasta sauce??

i will heartily pass on the 1/2 marathon :D

Anonymous said...

Funny... we were watching King of Queens reruns about an hour ago (as we do many nights), and in the episode Doug & Carrie were in a bowling league. And I thought to myself that it would be fun to be in a bowling league, or at least start bowling occasionally again.

Anonymous said...

Yes more about the green pasta sauce, please.

Jen L. said...

Yeah, you're gonna need to share that green pasta sauce recipe, please. Meh, don't worry about NaNaBloPop. I'm just glad you're writing again! Missed you.

Shelley said...

Your sister had a new baby? Cool! Boy or girl?

I hate pressure to write, so was never tempted to do the NaBlaMeMo.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Life always gets in the way (as it should), that's why I never sign up for NaBloPoMo! =)

I might could very well be interested in your virtual half marathon, though I'm not a Nike+ gal. Can I still play? Please share details - it'd be an awesome goal for me to works towards between now and then!

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