Monday, May 17, 2010

Missing simplicity

Today I was in a bookstore and there was a mom and her two little kids looking at books and I had a crazy sad feeling of nostalgia for summers past when we were poor and trying to keep our shit together with school and bills and then on top of that trying to figure out how to keep two kids entertained on little time and even less money. Lots of swimming, $1 movies, entire afternoons at the McDonald's playground, kids coaching me through Pokemon Shoot (a video game where you mimic taking photographs of the elusive Pokemon guys, and that might be the wrong name).

I am feeling sad for those times because my kids and I are struggling with our relationships right now. I feel like they are not handling their shit appropriately, and I bet they feel like I am micromanaging and judging them and they are most definitely right. I am wholeheartedly trying to protect them from their dumb ass baby adult selves as I wish someone would have done for me. BUT, I guess we are getting close to a point in their lives where I have to let them do whatever it is they are going to do...regardless of the repercussions. That is just a very hard lever to pull.

Monday, May 3, 2010

free pants for cancer prevention!!

Since I told you I would be soon with a blog post about Relay for Life, I have celebrated my anniversary, gone through all of our closets, had a yard sale, caught a student cheating and spent more time with my mom over the weekend than I have in ages and it really grated on me. There are snippets of conversation you might enjoy, but I feel too yucky right now to type them...I am slightly injured with a tweaked knee and sick with a sore throat and headache feeling completely sorry for myself because I can't run.

But that doesn't mean that AMY can't...she is the winner of the free pants for donating to Relay for Life...I used that and I used the entries as were on my Relay page and I felt bad for her at first because she was entry 15 (out of 15...I also felt bad for V-- because she was 1)...but alas, that was the random number generated!!!

So Amy...look around at and pick some funky me your size, style and mailing address and I will get them coming forthwith!
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