Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've got it bad, I tell you. BAD.

I have not been a good Holidayer the last couple of years. I think a lot of it has to do with my kids not living at home anymore. I miss all the nights of Christmas movie marathons, of cookie masterpieces, and the kids trying to put their junky BEAUTIFUL homemade ornaments on my pretty, pretty tree (not to mention some hideous gold tinsel that they managed to sneak on every year), and Mr. P's light up deer in the LIVING ROOM (not the yard).

I passed on my insatiable love of all things holiday to my kids, and with them out of the house, I don't have their energy to propel me to the levels I normally yearn to go. Plus, last year, our relationships were in the dumps, so Christmas, well Christmas was just off. BUT, time, well time has done her job, and I am SO ready for the holidays that I broke my cardinal rule of no holiday movies prior to November 1 by already watching Love Actually and The Santa Clause (twice). I have already Christmas shopped. and well, last night, it got really weird when I made Mr. P stop the DVR to rewind this commercial:

me: What else is this?

Mr. P: What else is what?

me: What else is this song?

Mr. P: .....

me: I know this is a Christmas song (rewinding for another listen).

Mr. P: .....

Mr. P: (finally, laughing) plays in Christmas Vacation when he is in the attic looking at movies.

me: (sighing with happiness) Right, I knew it was a Christmas song. When can we put up lights???


Anonymous said...

This makes me so happy!

MyTwoLines said...

I love that song. LOVE.IT. And the movie. And all things Christmas. And I'd put up the tree tomorrow if I could.
I hope you have a FABULOUS holiday season...with Christmas movie marathons and cookie making and everything!

Alice said...

i am usually STAUNCHLY in the NO CHRISTMAS UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!! camp.... but oddly, this year, i find myself already planning xmas decorations and thinking about gifts. i think it's probably because our family had Fakesgiving in early October!

Jen L. said...

Now I need to watch Love Actually! I haven't actually seen it since last November and I'm jonesing. I'm so glad you're excited about the holidays...I am, too! (And for what it's worth, I"m THRILLED you're blogging more! I've missed you.)

Anonymous said...

I'm like you and Alice. For some reason I've got the Xmas thing early this year. Maybe because last Xmas was pretty sucktastic. But I've already watched Bridget Jones' Diary (which is a Xmas movie to me because it starts and ends during the holidays) and bought a present.

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