Saturday, November 5, 2011

College football, Yay or Nay?

Are you a fan of the game?

I love college football, which could be a HUGE understatement. Mr. P and I talk about it, I talk to my students about it, I talk to my friends about it, I even talk to my parents and my nephew about it. But what I love most about college football is MY college football team.

(If you don't know where I live/where I am from (and care to know, I should add) my team won the.national.champion$hip game this past January.)

One of the "rules" of college football, especially, SEC football, is that not only do you support your team with fervor, you OPPOSE your rivals just as heartily. As luck with have it, our two biggest rivals (or the teams I LOVE to HATE the most (the teams, not the kids on the teams, I get they are kids)) are playing in "THE GAME" tonight.

Puts me in a dilemma: Should I be less unhappy if team (A) wins? That would potentially put them undefeated when they visit us in November giving us the opportunity to derail their national title hopes our own selves? BUT, if they win the title, that gives it to our state 3 times in a row...OR should I be less unhappy if team (L) wins? Team (A), well, IS JUST Team (A).

Either way it should be a hell of a game....(YAY College ball!!!!)


Anonymous said...

We are in a real quandry over this one tonight, let me tell you.

OutofStateSchool is the one Hubby first went to, lasted a semester, nearly flunked out and he hates it with a fiery passion.

SameStateSchool (your state) is, of course, the biggest rivalry EVER. In fact, there is going to be an ESPN film on the rivalry that airs next week. Check it out. Hubby joked I had to say "SameStateSchool sucks" in our wedding vows, which I didn't actually do, BUT one of our kid's first complete sentences was "SameStateSchool sucks!" Okay, only a two word sentence, but still.

Our theory for tonight is that we're rooting for OutOfStateSchool. They've already kicked our butts this season and SameStateSchool losing benefits us since we haven't played them yet.

Should be an interesting night.

(hope all this "code" makes sense)

--V said...

Gonna have to go with "nay" over here. College football is something to wait out, like allergy season or a bad thunderstorm. It snarls traffic, brings tons of people to town who feel it's their right to wander, drunk, down the streets shouting "Whoooooo!" and picking fights. It makes it impossible for anyone to plan anything else in the fall unless it's during an away game, and then we all have to compete with each other for the little bit of space that's left on the calendar. Example: I had funeral I had to go to last month that was shoe-horned into an away-game weekend because otherwise all of the out-of-state relatives wouldn't have been able to find rooms to rent. That just feels wrong.

I feel like I prisoner in my own town in the fall. I'll be so pleased when the season is over.

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