Wednesday, April 29, 2009

athletic cool points

I posted about my lack of hydration causing me to not get to the level of athleticism that I wanted. (My sister did too, but I can't link because she had a weird stalkery creepy). We received recommendations on drinking water while running. I don't want to carry water, or hide it in my mailbox (even though I have done that), so that left me with getting a water belt, but oh, the dorkiness. Yesterday, Mr. P and I went out to do a 5K run and I realized that dorky or no, I was going to have to suck it up and get a water belt, athletic cool points be damned. It is hot here already, and honestly, it is STILL not that hot yet.

So we head to Academy Sports. I don't know that I have ever publicly decried my love for sporting good stores. And Academy Sports? In my opinion, the grand pubah of sporting good stores. The shoes, the camping stuff, the boating stuff, even the fishing stuff. I love looking at it all. Well, right as you walk in there are the displays of the cutest.workout.stuff.ever. and I always say to Mr. P, "I think at the end of the summer I will fit into said cutest.workout.stuff.ever." Yesterday, on a whim, I went to the $4.98 rack. There was an XL Nike running top that had potential. I told Mr. P to walk away as I was about to be embarrassing and I proceeded to pull it on OVER the clothes I was wearing. Guess what?

+200 athletic cool points for wearing a LEGIT running top, that in Mr. P's words, "Doesn't look that bad". (In his defense I said, "Not my best look, but it fits.")

(Please ignore my 4 month old picture organization project that has set up permanent residence on the dining room table).

Now, do you see the silvery-grey belt? That is my Ironman Hydration Belt. Check out the view from behind...that glowy part is the little purse thing, then there are water bottles on either side that are holstered and you can pull them out and drink whilst running. yikes.

- 700 athletic cool points for wearing a fanny pack with water bottles to run 3.1 miles.

I head to the park to attempt a 5K, knowing full well that I am 500 athletic cool points Noone else running had even a water bottle, let alone a double holster. One dude didn't even have an iPod--how hardcore is he?

But guess what? I was able to complete my 5K...every K or so, I whipped a water bottle from it's holster and took a drag. I completely warded off cotton mouth.

I decided that diminished athletic cool points are WAY LESS important than diminished chances of dying of dehydration. In that spirit, I am awarding myself 1,000 athletic cool points for getting out there and running 5K before I went to work. OH. and I have moleskin on a 'tender spot' on my foot, that adds 50 athletic cool points.

So overall, I am in the black on athletic cool points: 550 athletic cool points.

I am bad ass. Yeah motherfuckers, I have a water holster and I don't care who knows it.


wafelenbak said...

Yay! Maybe after I finish the 100 push up challenge, I'll feel cool enough to buy the water holster.

Anonymous said...

You look great!

Astarte said...

Whoo, look out! Badass mofo coming thu!!!

DAVs said...

Love it! I am too cheap and lazy and I just keep reusing the same tired plastic water bottle day after day after day...but hydration is essential!! AWESOME job running and super cute top!

Andy said...

That's awesome! If it means anything, I think you look super cool! Also, I was thinking about you today when I saw someone else running with hydro pack, and I thought they looked cool also ... it made me realize that no one who sees you is going to think you're wussy for needing a water belt to run 5k ... because unless you're in a race or something, nobody has any idea how far you're planning to run . So they'll probably just look at you and think "whoa, that chick is hardcore!" And THEY WILL BE RIGHT.

Shelley said...

I love Academy - in fact, I can walk to one from our house (jealous?!)

Your water holster is hilarious! I didn't even know that they made something like this, but living in Texas, I suspect I will need one as well this summer!

Congrats on the cool Nike top - you look very athletic in it!

W said...

You ARE badass!!
I wish I were half as cool as you! No way would you catch me even walking a 5k before work. You are way more woman than I will ever be.

Alice said...

dude, it's +1000 athletic cool points to be running far enough that you need to hydrate mid-run, you know??

also, you look like a BONA FIDE athlete in that gear :-)

Jen L. said...

Um, how bout we forget about the water belt for a minute and focus on your incredible shrinking waistline!!!!!??!???? You look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I love the top. It looks great, you are like a real jogger/runner...You are really looking good too!

I tried to pay attention to people and how they were hydrating yesterday on my run but it was only like 60 degrees so it wasn't really an issue..I'll have to wait until it gets warm again, but I did see some thing you use to hold your water that I might get, you just hold it in your hand. I need to get a thing to hold my iPod on my arm though so I don't have things in both hands...

Andy said...

Also! Thanks for you comments! Regarding the knitting: I did take a class (well, a four-hour workshop), but I also bought this book called Getting Started Knitting Socks, ( which I refer back to when I can't remember what to do / how to do something. I also like this book because it has basic sock patterns for almost all yarn -- anything from 8 stitch/inch down to 4 st/inch, which means you don't have to go in search of a particular yarn. You can just find one you like, figure out the gauge, and use that pattern!

Regarding the hip pain, were there any particular stretches you found especially useful? Any online resources you can point me to?

Not Your Aunt B said...

+1000 cool points for blogging about it.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It is hot and you are thirsty. There's no real good options and I don't think the belt looks bad. Not wonderful, but not bad.

I love the color of your top. So cute!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Here's the thing about running ... it's not about earning points. Everyday runners worry about their own personal records, not that of others. And so we also worry about how to best accomplish our own PRs without dying on the course. You're figuring your equation out - and it includes water and skimpy tops. I say you rock the look by getting out there and owning it! Here's to many more runs!

Anonymous said...

My husband is a runner and just this morning as he headed out for a marathon training run, he filled up his two water bottles, hitched them to the belt and headed out the door. No hydration+running=bad things.
Plus, who cares what you look like. You are out there doing it and that it is the really important thing.

creative kerfuffle said...

i can't believe how cool you are. i'm w/ bea on getting points for blogging about it too : ) love the top, love that you shared pictures, and am totally laughing about the water belt. not laughing AT you you understand, because i have no room to laugh since my lazy ass does not run. i can see the need for them and the convenience of them, but still, makes me laugh : )

20somethingfatty said...

I think that actually getting out and working your butt off is way more important than how cool or uncool you look. I work out in old tshirts and sweatpants every single day. Of course, maybe when I can actually fit into the cool workout gear I'll change my tune!

kilax said...

I think you get more than 550! Don't forget the extra 1000 for being a hardcore exerciser!

I am happy you got the belt and that it worked! That is the same style I have. ;)

Fatinah said...

I love your water belt!

Of course, you've always been UBER-cool to me, but this is just the icing on the cake! HAHA

I'm happy that you will now be hydrated - just wait now to see what your body does when it doesn't think it's DYING during your run from dehydration!!

I really like your top too!

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